By: Papa Minnow

How many times have you found yourself mindlessly scrolling through Netflix in search of a show only to find yourself in a endless void of, “what do I want to watch?” With so many options offered via streaming this has without a doubt become a recurring scenario for many Netflix users.

Luckily, the quality of content in 2022 has been fruitful for the platform despite the recent stream of news that has favoured their competitors’ services. Ozark delivered another thrilling season in preparation for the big finale, and the new documentary The Tinder Swindler has been a raving hit across the globe.

But one of Netflix’s newest series not only scratches the itch of “what do I want to watch?”, but also provides an absolute joy ride and no one is talking about it. Coming in at six episodes with a runtime of 30 minutes, Murderville is a comedic series that follows Terry Seattle, a middle-aged detective played by Will Arnett; who improvises his way to solving six murder cases (one per episode) with a unique twist.

The catch here is that each episode features a celebrity guest partner that works as a rookie under the guidance of Terry Seattle with very little knowledge of what’s next. This requires the celebrity guests to improvise in several situations which creates a compelling level of hilarity.

Throughout the series, you’ll find moments where the celebrity guest simply can’t contain themselves and burst out laughing during intense situations. Or moments where you’ll laugh because of the absurdity of the acting and interactions with the supporting cast.

Each guest brings their authentic self to their episode and it’s a joy to watch their chemistry build with Terry Seattle as the runtime progresses. Seattle has his own set of personal issues that magnify these moments and provides a dynamic element with each guest.

What Is 'Murderville,' The New Will Arnett Comedy Series? - Netflix Tudum
Detective Terry Seattle (Will Arnett – Left), and Ken Jeong (right) in scene on Murderville.

Every episode follows the core concept of introducing Seattle’s work-life issues, meeting the celebrity guest, receiving the murder case, following the clues and interviewing three suspects before solving the case. The most enthralling part about this element is that at the conclusion of each episode, it’s up to the guest to decipher the clues and invoke their logical reasoning for why they believe one of the suspects committed the crime.

This climactic moment is very engaging and creates an interaction between the cast and the viewing audience in that; paying attention to the clues is vital as the viewer can participate in solving the murder mystery themselves. I often found myself thinking I had the suspect dead to rights, only to discover that I had missed a vital clue that eliminated my suspect from culpability.

While Murderville is an enjoyable watch, not every guest will resonate with each viewer. It helps to have some knowledge of the celebrity in order to understand the feel of who they are, but even without a deeper knowledge the show’s dynamic is still strong.

The shows formula can also begin to wane towards the last few episodes due to repetition and the diminishing return on creative writing, but with only six episodes this is an issue that doesn’t overstay it’s welcome.

If you ever find yourself searching for your next show to accompany a meal or to kill some time, I implore you to check out Netflix’s hit show that no one is talking about: Murderville.

Featured Image via: Netflix

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