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The Best Features of 2020

The best delivered guest features in 2020.

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“Hypocrisy” – A Poem

By: Papa Minnow Isn’t it “funny” how a few looters define a movement, but a few “bad apples” don’t define the police? Isn’t it “funny” how a few weeks ago […]

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Twelve Hilarious $1200 Stimulus Check Memes

The funniest stimulus check memes while we’re all under quarantine.

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Why The Office Is Truly A Terrible Show

By: Papa Minnow The Office (US) aired 15 years ago and has since built up a cult-like following to the nth degree. It gained major pop culture relevance and spawned […]

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7 Nipsey Hussle Songs To Commemorate His Legacy

Seven Nipsey Hussle songs to continue the marathon

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Boi-1da & Hit-Boy Go Head-To-Head & Preview Unreleased Music

Two legendary Hip-Hop producers face off in an epic beat battle for the culture.

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After Hours: The Album Review

By: Papa Minnow After Hours is the Weeknd’s sixth studio album, and the culmination of the superstar’s career encased in a musical experience befitting of a theatre. Throughout the years, […]