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7 Songs We Need To Hear When Outside Re-Opens

With the pandemic holding artists back from releasing music, and fans unable to create memories, a lot of songs haven’t been experienced the way they should have. Here’s 7 songs that need their time in the spotlight when the world re-opens.

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A Look Back At Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Fridays

By: Papa Minnow Kanye West has been a pioneer in the Hip-Hop landscape the moment he entered the game. He shifted the rules of rap and was able to tap […]

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Why We Need The Weeknd & Future Joint Album

By: Papa Minnow Hip-Hop has had many collaborative albums in which two artists of similar skill, sound, or relevance, joined forces to create the sounds of the time. Some of […]

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Rhythm & Cruise – Playlist

A TV length episode of R&B music for you to cruise to. All that’s missing is you…

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The Funniest $1400 ‘Stimmy’ Memes

Joe Biden’s signing of the American Rescue Act has delivered $1400 stimulus checks to American citizens and Twitter has gone into a meme frenzy.

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New Drake Songs Leak Onto The Internet

Over the weekend two new unreleased Drake songs leaked onto the internet and fans are excited.

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5 People To Know This Black History Month

With the rise of social media, more knowledge has become readily available and it’s important to shine light on black figures that made major contributions to the modern world.