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Is Nicki Minaj Really Retiring?

By: Papa Minnow It’s been a disastrous week for the Barbs as their beloved superstar, Nicki Minaj, took to Twitter to announce that she was retiring from rap and would […]

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Unseasoned Deep Dives (Feat. Stothers) |Ep.31|

Sportsnet’s Patrick Stothers finally joins the podcast to discuss a whole lot that’s been on. We open up with his infatuation with a trash Tim Horton’s and how fake Social […]

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Thirty Hours |Ep.30|

30 for 30 baby! What a milestone it’s been for the Pops Culture podcast, just want to thank everyone who’s been a guest, who’s supported whether for day 1 or […]

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The Best Feral Hog Memes

By: Papa Minnow With the recent tragedies taking place in America, the debate on gun violence has ramped up on social media and everyone is seeking the answers on what […]

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Sco Pa Tu Manaa? |Ep.26|

IT’S LEO SZN BABY! On this episode we open up about how Gabe’s birthday got his astrology all messed up (6:35) before discussing his conservative party outing (11:18), Tay K’s […]

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Your Favourite Rapper Watches Anime

By: Papa Minnow On one side, anime culture was thought to be reserved for the socially inept. But with the rise of social media and the opportunity to connect across […]

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Kawhi Watch

By: Pops Culture Yes I’m hurting…yes I’m jaded…Y’all asked for it so we delivered. A full episode on Kawhi watch and everything surrounding the the Toronto Raptors and the NBA. […]