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Yasuke Review: Netflix’s Atrocious Adaptation

Netflix’s Yasuke could have been a cultural phenomenon, but its outlandish writing and subpar story telling do a disservice to the real story of the Black Samurai.

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7 Songs We Need To Hear When Outside Re-Opens

With the pandemic holding artists back from releasing music, and fans unable to create memories, a lot of songs haven’t been experienced the way they should have. Here’s 7 songs that need their time in the spotlight when the world re-opens.

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A Look Back At Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Fridays

By: Papa Minnow Kanye West has been a pioneer in the Hip-Hop landscape the moment he entered the game. He shifted the rules of rap and was able to tap […]

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Why We Need The Weeknd & Future Joint Album

By: Papa Minnow Hip-Hop has had many collaborative albums in which two artists of similar skill, sound, or relevance, joined forces to create the sounds of the time. Some of […]

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Rhythm & Cruise – Playlist

A TV length episode of R&B music for you to cruise to. All that’s missing is you…

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The Funniest $1400 ‘Stimmy’ Memes

Joe Biden’s signing of the American Rescue Act has delivered $1400 stimulus checks to American citizens and Twitter has gone into a meme frenzy.

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New Drake Songs Leak Onto The Internet

Over the weekend two new unreleased Drake songs leaked onto the internet and fans are excited.