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The Pros & Cons Of Drones

By: Papa Minnow Unmanned aerial combat vehicles were invented by militaries for surveillance, air strikes, bomb detection, hostage negotiation, training and target practice.  World War 1 saw the use of […]

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The Funniest Male Birth Control Memes

The male birth control pill is a soon to be a reality and with news of it’s potential release the internet has unleashed the most hilarious memes.

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PlayStation Plus Revamp Is Not A GamePass Competitor

Sony’s long awaited revamped service, code named Spartacus, is no longer a secret. The new PlayStation Plus is set to launch in June 2022 as a combination of PS Plus and PS Now.

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The Best Will Smith Oscar Memes

Last night Will Smith brought relevancy back to the Oscars with an iconic slap and the internet took no time at all to hit back with the funniest memes.

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Returnal Gets Co-Op In An Upcoming Free Update

2021 GOTY Returnal will add co-op and new endless survival mode in a future free update this month.

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Uncharted Movie Review: A Journey Worth Charting

The Uncharted series has become a critical and commercial success for Sony’s PlayStation brand, but how well does the movie adaption make the transition from console box to box office?

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Netflix Has A Hit Show That No One Knows About

One of Netflix’s newest series not only scratches the itch of “what do I want to watch?”, but is also an absolute joy ride and no one is talking about it.