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Redfall On Xbox Series X/S Will Launch Incomplete With Only A 30 FPS Mode

By: Papa Minnow Today Microsoft’s first party studio, Arkane Studios, took to Twitter to announce that Redfall would be launching on Xbox Series consoles at 4K 30 FPS for the […]

HBO's The Last Of Us cover image.
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Ranking The Last Of Us HBO Show: Worst to Best

The first season of HBO’s The Last Of Us has come to an end sadly, but as fans wait for season 2, we can look back at all the great moments season 1 had and rank them from worst to best.

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Why Beast Gohan Is Feeble Fan Service To Dragon Ball Fans

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, sees Gohan achieve a new form, however, lazy writing and fan service appeal makes it feel flat.

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‘The Last Of Us’ Episode 3: Hate It or Love It

The Last of Us Episode 3, Long, Long Time, focuses on a budding love story between Bill and Frank that manages to flourish in a world engulfed in flames around it. 

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‘The Last Of Us’ Episode 2: Infected Review

Following a masterpiece of a debut, Episode 2 follows Joel, Ellie, and Tess on their journey west as they encounter deranged new foes.

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The Last Of Us TV Series Brings Back HBO Sundays

The Last Of Us is HBO’s Sunday showcase. Known as one of the greatest stories in video game history, The Last of Us made a stellar TV debut on HBO last Sunday.

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Review: Drake Gains Inspiration From 21 Savage on ‘Her Loss’

Drake and 21 Savage team up to deli