By: Papa Minnow

Dear Raptors,

There goes the 11-game win streak which fell one game shy of breaking the franchise record.  There’s no denying that the refs had a hand in the 132-125 loss yesterday.

However, I can’t say that the refs stole the game from you guys. But, I can say they most certainly made it harder for you guys to win.

The missed call on DeRozan was egregious and should have absolutely been called by the baseline ref.

I understand that referees are still human, but when a foul is that blatant, it’s a bad look on the league when they don’t get an easy call like that right. And it doesn’t help when the refs throw out three guys on your side, including Casey who was crucified for the actions of a fan.

There was also bad officiating against the Thunder. Carmelo Anthony got hit with a technical late which could have been a non-call and Paul George also had five personal fouls.

So Lowry fouling out (his sixth call was obvious, but some of the others were trash like the all ball steal that got called a foul), wasn’t the deciding factor of this game. I will give him props for not succumbing to his emotions and getting hit with a tech at a crucial point in the game.

And while the Thunder did get to the line 34 times, 11 more times than you guys did, they put themselves in that position by attacking the paint and grabbing 14 offensive rebounds in comparison to your eight. The only thing that could stop Steven Adams was a Tiger Knee down under.

What decided this  back and forth affair (20 ties and 25 lead changes), was the last few minutes in which tempers flared and you guys left the game in the officials hands. I’ve stated this before, DeMar and Kyle have to keep their emotions in check.

I understand the frustration, but let Dwane handle the referees because technical fouls can make or break a game and yesterday’s game was still winnable had DeMar not gotten a tech that gave the Thunder a two possession lead late.

Hopefully there was lessons learned on playing with poise down the stretch from yesterday’s disaster because the playoffs are just around the corner and there will be a lot of emotionally charged games. Y’all can’t lose your championship aspirations because of frustration.

On to the next one.


To: The Starters

You guys were way too nonchalant with your play yesterday. The Bench Mob built a lead for you guys, only to have it squandered because of a galore of turnovers, lack of hustle, and very poor rebounding on the defensive end.

To: CJ Miles

Bruh…you catch the Holy Ghost or what? I’ve never seen you fly like this.

To: DeMar

You gotta keep your emotions in check bro. Can’t let them get to you.

To: Poeltl

I see you with your clever box-out that happens to be a pick to free Siakam for the slam…


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