By: Papa Minnow

Hip-Hop has had many collaborative albums in which two artists of similar skill, sound, or relevance, joined forces to create the sounds of the time. Some of it has been good (Watch The Throne – Jay & Kanye), while others drastically missed the mark (Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho – Quavo & Travis Scott)

Watch The Throne was such a cultural phenomenon, that it sparked numerous artists in subsequent years to try and replicate the magic that was made. We even had rumours of two of the hottest rappers in Kendrick and J.Cole working on a joint album.

Unfortunately for Hip-Hop fans, that album never came to fruition. But there is another duo that has collaborated on multiple songs and would make great candidates for a joint album as each of their songs have been hits.

1 ) Low Life (Feat. The Weeknd)

Future and the Weeknd first collaborated on Future’s studio album EVOL. In a year where both artists were putting out some of their best music, Low Life, kept their buzz and stardom going. Low Life was a dark drug induced record that lived up to it’s name.

The Weeknd sings about being under the influence whiles turning a rich hotel into filthy sex house, while Future raps about cheating and never apologizing for his actions. You can’t get much lower than that.

2) All I Know (Feat. Future)

Probably as a favour to the Weeknd, Future hopped on All I Know off The Weeknd’s Starboy album. One of the most underrated songs off the album as it didn’t garner much commercial success.

Despite that, it’s still a great record with a fan favourite Future verse.

3) Comin’ Out Strong (Feat. The Weeknd)

This is hands down the best collaboration the two have ever done and it’s what compelled me to write this article. The production has been upped from the previous two records, and the chemistry is at it’s peak.

I just don’t understand how no one in the studio didn’t catch Future saying, “the only time I come alive is when I taste…(“stick”)” and didn’t question re-recording that part.

Seeing as how the two haven’t collaborated since 2017, this plea for an album is a far cry. But with The Weeknd coming off a major year in which Blinding Lights was top 5 on Billboard for the entire year (a feat that’s never been done), and Future’s Mask Off set to make a huge comeback once lockdown is over, this album could be the thing to set a post COVID world off right.

Here’s hoping that one day the two can rejoin forces and make it happen.

Featured Image Via: Comin’ Out Strong (Vimeo)

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