By: Papa Minnow

Music has been a staple in my life for as far back as I can remember. And when I say a staple, I truly do mean a staple. There are a handful of activities in which I don’t feel the need to have an interval of melodic reverberation ricocheting across my eardrums.

I cook with music, I shower with music, I brush my teeth with music, I walk with music, I get ready with music, hell I even sleep with music. It’s almost a third lung at this point. But, it wasn’t until hell came along in 2020 and turned that upside down. With a forced lockdown, my consumption of music has been stifled.

Even though it’s been an integral part of my being, the lack of physical interaction and extrovert activities has made it less rewarding and enjoyable to simply sit down and listen to music. However, lately I have been more active in listening now that Netflix and gaming have chilled from fervour.

But the act of listening at home still doesn’t compare to the exhilaration of creating a musical memory during a drunken escapade, or the chills that shoot through your spine at a concert.

Despite physical limitations, there was still a plethora of memorable songs that came out this year and I felt the need to highlight some of the best guest verses that may have gone unnoticed.

My Window – Feat. Lil Wayne

I’ve come to accept that Lil Wayne will never be in his prime again and it’s unfair to expect him to re-attain that greatness that he once held. The problem with current Wayne is that unlike his former self, he follows the trend too hard or falls into a pattern of simply rapping fast. However, every once in a while we get a glimpse of Weezy F Baby the promethazine fiend, and this verse on NBA YoungBoy’s My Window is exactly that.

1995 – Feat. Logic

Logic has recently become one of the most polarizing artists. Listeners either love him to the fullest or wish he was still the artist they first heard when he started out. There is no in-between. Regardless of what side you fall on, Juicy J knows how to bring the best out of Bobby Tarantino, and even in “retirement” Logic proves he can deliver on Juicy J’s 1995.

I Can Make It – Feat. Rapsody

It’s a crime how underrated Rapsody remains in the rap game. She’s not only one of the best “female” rappers, but one of the best current rappers period. Don’t believe me? Scroll down and press play.

DOLLAZ ON MY HEAD – Feat. Young Thug

This song is an absolute trance and Gunna shows why he rarely misses. But Thugger just takes this song to a whole other level from his verse to the end.

Kourtside – Feat. Lil Yacthy

Yachty’s fame has been relatively quiet in comparison to the noise he made when he first entered the rap game. A lot of that is due to the work he’s being doing behind the scenes, which is a shame because his music has elevated with age.

Yachty shines with bars like “Left my strap in the car like a dike at church, I be walking round with armor like a knight at work,” in this guest verse with one of my favourite upcomers: Sada Baby. Sada-Boat float like Jordan and Pippen on Kourtside.

My Business – Feat. Future

There’s something about Future’s flow that goes astronomical whenever he collaborates with Toronto artists. I’ve been clamoring for a Future and the Weeknd album, and if this track is any indication of what he would do with NAV, I’d be in for that album too.

Between Us – Feat. Snoh Alegra

First off this Usher Nice & Slow sample is a cheat code. There was no way in hell this song was going to be bad off the rip. Thankfully dvsn does their thing on this, but the way Snoh Alegra angelically comes in and kicks things up to another notch just hits the soul different.

Yessirskiii – Feat. 21 Savage

All I gotta say is that this shouldn’t even be considered a guest verse the way Savage dominates this track.

Featured Image via: Life Is Good Official Video – YouTube

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