What A Time To Be Alive…Indeed it is Jasper Beardly, indeed it is…

The Jays are in the playoffs for the first time in 22 years, the 6ix will be hosting the 2016 all-star game, 3 Canadians are holding the top 3 spots on the music billboard; Toronto is straight winning right now.

The self proclaimed 6 god and Future Hendrix decided to link up and serve the streets with some new heat. It’s been quite a year for both artists with Drake starting off the year with his surprise mixtape, “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”, which debuted at number one moving 535,000 units in the first week.

Future followed suit midway through summer, with his album DS2 (Dirty Sprite 2), which also debuted at number one selling 126,000 copies.

Dirty Owl

Off the strength of their successes, these two artists have arguably become the hottest artists in the rap game right now.

Drake most notably just came off an eventful summer which consisted of successful show performances, dating one of the best athletes/tennis stars Serena Williams, forbidding the Meek from inheriting the earth; Matthew 5:5, and pumping out numerous hits and features. One such hit came off of Future’s “bangerful” DS2 album which saw the two collaborate on the hit track “Where Ya At?”.
60 for a walk thru bitch don't panic

The hype off the collaboration could have been an instrumental spark to formulate this co-operative mixtape. However, on the song “I’m the Plug”, Drake states; “Y’all should’ve seen this shit coming in May.” which could mean that these two had planned to do this project while on the Jungle Tour.

The rumors had been circulating about this project early in September, and when I heard about it, I was under the impression that this would be a shutdown ting….but does it live up to the hype? Let’s find out.

1) Digital Dash

From the moment I pressed play and heard that “Metro Boomin want some more nigga!” on that alien beat, I knew this track was going to be a banger. As usual Future Hendrix did his thing on a Metro Boomin beat. That combo is deadly (shout out “Monster” and “Blow A Bag”).

Future starts the track off with some heat. He gives his usual content and I expected nothing less. I slide on your ass in the seven deuce / Come back on your bitch in that six trey. Initially, I expected Future to outshine the boy Drake on this….but GOT DAMN.

Drizzy came through with BARS on this. Drake’s verse starts off a little tame, but then he just starts tossing bars out like hot cakes: I move the game up, I’m reckless / I’m Harlem shaking through the pressure / I might put Diddy on my next shit. Which is pretty bold considering Drake allegedly got slapped by Diddy earlier this year.

But Drake doesn’t stop there, he goes on to reference his relationship with Serena Williams, I’m not here for no pretend shit / Just walked in with a girl that’s making triple what I’m making…what an entrance. I gave this bar some shine, cause Serena’s the tennis goddess.

The most quotable line in this whole track though is, I got my foot on their neck and foot on the gas / You remind me of a quarterback your shit is all in the past (pass).

Geeze! In case you couldn’t already tell, this is one of my favorite tracks off the mixtape. I fux with this track so much I literally contemplated risking my life just to snapchat my boy’s digital speedometer while driving his Honda civic on the highway….a Honda civic bro…

Digital Dash

2) Big Rings

I’m not even going to lie. When I first heard the hook for this song, I thought the whole track was wack. Drake just goes on about how his team needs things that rhyme rings…the hook was boRING.

The verses on the other hand, are a whole other story. The verses kept my interest enough on this track to not hit the skip button every time I hear the hook.

The track is pretty short though so there’s not TOO much going on with this song, but there’s definitely some quotables. The most notable would be the shot that Future throws at Meek Mill when he says, You just a battle rapper, I’m an official trapper / Niggas be dropping subliminals, nigga.

Even Future is denying the Meek from inheriting the earth b…smh. You already know Metro Boomin’s beat slapsssss on this. I don’t think if it’s normal for a beat to make you want to punch the face of the nearest living being, but somehow this track does that to me.

Hands down, Metro is the star of this track. After a couple listens the song did grow on me to where I can tolerate the hook now, and I do love how the ending fades out and then comes back in. It’s not the best track, but it’s not bad either.

3) Live From The Gutter

I knew this track sounded familiar…. I Mean
I don’t know what Boi-1da did differently to get credited on this track. The man was probably just eating dinner in the studio when they recorded this, and was like, “add a snare right here yo,” and apparently that was enough. Like I seriously can’t figure out the difference.

Anyways, this track was MADE for Future. His flow and tone on this track match the beat perfectly. And considering he really lived that gutter life, it definitely shows with lyrics like;

Cuban links hanging on my wrist I was on welfare / Wake up in the house, I look up, I see bales everywhere / I see girls everywhere / I see scales everywhere / I see hell everywhere. Future’s verse is a mix of his struggles in the gutter and how he triumphed to become a millionaire.

Drake’s verse on the other hand, had some of the most basic bars I’ve heard from him. For example, his intro was sub-par for his standards: And I got my niggas with me, yeah yeah / She gon’ end up dipping with me, yeah yeah / And I got her tripping off the ya-ya.

Like Drake, you’re better than this bro. Drake ain’t really bout that gutter life, so you know he just had to talk about some random events he’s gone through. The only gutter Aubrey knows are the ones on the side of his house, that he might have one time got asked to clear by his mom one autumn day.

Even though the intro was weak, I’ll give him props for the, In one ear and out the other / shut your mouth and take what’s coming, line cause that bar goes hard.

He also takes a shot at Chris Brown with the Karate Karrueche line, apparently Esco took her on a date or something, but outside of those two bars I felt this verse was pretty average from Drake.

Seems like he just hopped on this track last minute. With that said, I still like this as one of my favorites on this mixtape. Future did his thing, and even though Drake didn’t, it’s still a good track. Once again, the beat keeps me into it (shout out to Boi-1da aha).

4) Diamonds Dancing

I don’t know if these are literal diamonds that are dancing from their jewelry or just women that they’ve deemed to be diamonds (you know these dudes ain’t no strangers to strip clubs like King of Diamonds), but I’m going to assume it’s the latter.

There’s not much to say about this track, other than that it’s the most cohesive one on the mixtape. Both artists added their own sound to the hook that complimented each other. It actually seems like they worked on this song at the same time in contrast to the preceding songs.

Even though the hook is repetitive, it’s catchy enough to listen to and some of the repetition gets diluted by the addition of the bridge.

Basically, this song comes down to Drake and Future looking for quality strippers (no basic bitches) that understand their lifestyles, and won’t complain about it. I fux with the vibe of this track.

5) Scholarships 

Ever since Future rid himself of the curse of Ciara (Russell Wilson watch out), he’s become a the self-proclaimed Monster. He’s dropped his best projects, (Monster, Beast Mode, 56 Nights, DS2: ALL HITS!) after the break up and become the rap game’s Trap King.

On this track he references his past situation with Ciara and also how his life has been filled with many tempting demons. But even so, he won’t let any of that phase him from living a luxurious life. He’s made it out the gutter and is in position to ball out however he feels like: I said fuck all of you hoes / I’m ballin’ out of control.

Drake’s verse is solid, but it sounds like another Future track that he just hopped onto (which is quite the theme of the mixtape I guess).

I fux with how he switches the flow up halfway through right into the; And I rock Kentucky blue on these hoes / Drafted, I’m getting choose by these hoes line. That line and switch up sounds sonically masterful.

Overall, this track is alright. If it comes up in a playlist i’ll listen to it, but I’m not scrolling through my music just to specifically press play and repeat for it.

6) Plastic Bag

L-M-F-A-O. I’m actually laughing at this track while I write this review. This track has Drake written all over it. You know he’s not one to shy away from empowering strippers and caping for them.

The boy had to give them this anthem. Don’t get me wrong, no shade if you strip for a living; live and let live.

I just found the image of Drake being at Magic City and singing, Go ahead pick up all the cash / You danced all night girl, you deserve it to a stripper to be hilarious.

Anyways, this track just gives an inside look at what a night with Drake and Future is like. They got tons of cash to blow, they know everyone in the club, they’re turnt, and if you’re not with them; you’re probably jealous at the night that they’re having.

The structure of the song is pretty lazy though. The hook gets played 3 times at the end of the song just to fill out time. I like the chill nature, but I feel you have to be in the mood or at a strip club to get the most out of this song.

7) I’m the Plug

There’s a reason why the number 7 is ordained as both the number of God and a lucky number…and this track right here confirms those beliefs. HOLY. F*CK.

This song will have you feeling invincible fam. This song will have you step in front of traffic with no fucks given. I swear I almost tucked and rolled out the whip when I heard this.

This song will make you pop a perc in church. This song will have you driving 200 km/h in a school zone, with no regard for human life b. This track goes so hard, it will make you re-evaluate your life in hopes of dealing with drugs just so you can really be the plug and live this track out as your anthem.

I almost don’t even want to review the rest of this mixtape and have this play on repeat…Southside’s producing went next level with this.


And on the 7th track, the 6 god created “Drill Drake” (channeling his inner Chicago flow). This whole verse is straight flames:  Whole time I was ready / They was like “hold up wait a minute” I was like “naw nigga let’s get it!” 

The flow on this was straight impeccable and then he ends it on some rude shit: I’m blowing up like it’s urgent / And she was acting like a virgin / I gave it to her then I curved her.

Hands down this is one of, if not, THE hardest track on this mixtape. This track got like 10 plays on repeat alone when I first played it. If you don’t like this track, your human right to an opinion should be revoked forever. I fux with this on a trillion.

8) Change Locations

I guess no matter what track followed the holy hymn “I’m the plug” was going to get held to unreachable standards. I’ll save you the time. This track is mad skip-able.


It’s got a bit of that So Far Gone vibe to it mixed with Future’s sound (this song the definition of FBGOVO),
which is cool, but it’s just another track about how these guys can ball out in the strip clubs….*yawn*.

This song has little substance this deep into the mixtape’s rotation…NEXT!

9) Jumpman 


Obama Jumpman

This song is straight heat fam. Next time I hear this track in the club, I’m posting up on a broad and fading away like Jordan while taking a shot of tequila.

This song is appropriate at any time of the day. Mans are just going to shoot shots with anything they can find around them with their tongues out like Jordan when this song is on.

Future did alright on this (his second verse is worth the listen), but Drizzy came through ruthless on this track.

You don’t have to call I hit my dance like Usher, woo! / I hit that Ginobli with my left hand up like woo! Hundred cousins out in Memphis they so country, wow / Tell her stay the night, valet your car, come fuck me now / Jumpman, jumpman, live on TNT i’m flexing, ooh! / Jumpman, jumpman, they gave me my own collection, ooh! / Jump when I say jump, girl can you take direction? ooh! (I snapped at this bar) / Mutombo with the bitches you keep getting rejected, ooh!

The flow and ad-libs are icy AF. This is a track that I’ll skip the rotation just to play like three times on repeat. Every future party I’ll be requesting this song. Might cut the next mans song selection short, play this, and then body em, right after I do it like Mike (the GOAT). And as usual….
Pope Jumpman

10) Jersey 

This marks the end of collaborative tracks and essentially the end of the mixtape itself. Future first gives us his solo track: Jersey. This could have been a throwaway off of DS2, but regardless Future goes in on this track. This is where he shines.

Future speaks about how his success has given him the green light to do whatever he desires now: Caught the wave I ain’t surfin’ / Caught the wave I ain’t surfin’ / You do what you want when you poppin’. 

He also speaks on how he still rolls with his same gang who’s been loyal: I gotta maintain, I’m superior, nigga / I rep the same gang on account of my niggas. The most quotable bar of this track is, I like the smell of that money when it burn / Bitch you know a nigga poppin’, wait your turn.

You gotta bust that line out whenever you become a success in whatever you do, or drop it whenever someone cuts you off in the middle of a sentence.

Not much else to say about this track. It’s a solid song from Future, Metro, and Southside. I definitely have it in rotation.

11) 30 for 30 Freestyle

This is the end of the mixtape and it’s all classic Drizzy right here. Drake removes himself completely from the whole trap genre of this mixtape, and embodies his original sound on this one. It’s no surprise that this track is produced by 40 who also sampled Drake’s “Closer to my Dreams” track off  of  the Comeback Season mixtape.

Drake starts off by addressing how some of the older hip hop heads have had issues with his success and feel the need to try and take him down, but he’s still going to do him:

Hats off for a solid effort / But we didn’t flinch for a second, we got our shit together.

Perhaps Drake’s referring to some of his feuds in the past with rappers like Jay Z, Pusha-T and Diddy. Furthermore, I don’t know how he did it, but somehow Drake managed to reference that he had some well done scallops that were to die for, for dinner. LMAO.

Any other rapper in the game would get grilled (no pun) for dropping a bar like that. Maybe Action Bronson could get away with it, but that’s pretty much it. I actually had to laugh at that line.

After that, he gets back to revealing himself through these bars. Like how he mentions, I just got me the Mercedes pullman / You niggas never heard of it, you gotta hit up Google. Real shit, I actually did have to google what that car looked like.

Furthermore, he addresses the whole ghostwriting debacle by stating, The pen is working if you niggas need some ghost lines / I thought you wanted yours like I want mine.

Drake’s put out some great music, and yeah he’s had some help with some recent tracks, but when he gets to writing tracks like this, he’s shown that he can obviously still hold his own.

I could dissect the rest of this track bar for bar, but this piece is already stretched. Essentially this is one of the best tracks on the project, and is definitely in heavy rotation.

It’s good to hear Drake get back to his original style. Even though I’m not too hyped for Views (his last album didn’t stand up to the test of time), I’m hoping this is the type of quality we’ll get for that album. Drake ends this mixtape with a masterful exit.

Big Rings

Overall I feel that this mixtape was just a quick cash grab. Both artists put this out based off the hype that they’ve had in recent months and cashed in off that hype. I definitely do not feel it is worth the purchase, but don’t get me wrong it’s a good project, just not a great one.

It definitely was not the “shutdown ting” that I thought it would be, but we got some more tracks to vibe to from the two hottest rappers in the game right now.

Some of these may fade in my playlist, but others will be in heavy rotation: Digital Dash, Live from the gutter, I’m the plug, Jumpman, Jersey and 30 for 30. As for my final verdict, I’d give this mixtape 7 diamonds out of 10. Good, but not great.

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