By: Papa Minnow

Today Microsoft’s first party studio, Arkane Studios, took to Twitter to announce that Redfall would be launching on Xbox Series consoles at 4K 30 FPS for the Series X and 1440p 30 FPS for the Series S. Arkane studios confirmed in their press release that a 60FPS performance mode would be patched in at a later date. 

Arkane did not specify when the performance patch would be released, but for fans’ sake hopefully it’s not too far off after launch. It’s unclear why this is the case as the game does not appear to be graphically intensive and recent preview footage shows the PC capable of a smooth 60 FPS.

The game is still set to hit its May 2nd launch date with no further delay in sight. Redfall faced backlash a few months ago after announcing that the game would have an always online requirement. 

The studio did state though that they would work on trying to remedy that requisite but did not give a date on when that would occur.

Recently, fans expressed their disappointment with a recent IGN preview video that showcased a lackluster boss encounter. As of writing this article, the video sits at 176,000 views with 1,600 likes and 22,000 dislikes.

Redfall will be Microsoft Studio’s first First-Party game to launch at the new $70 price tag, but of course, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to play it within their monthly subscription when it launches. 


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