By: Papa Minnow

Would it really be summer if Toronto’s own Nova aka novagotthatheat wasn’t dropping a hot new tune? The Nigerian born singer is back with his newest single “Want It All” as a follow up to his last single “CTL”.

Nova continues to expand his sound as he enlists the help of artist Kyn Rose (pronounced kin-roz) to deliver a smooth upbeat bop. On the new single he sings about a promiscuous woman who’s easily influenced by money and how her “man” became insecure after the encounter.

Kyn Rose croons about the woman’s habits and desires before joining in a duet with Nova to close out the song. Fans won’t have to wait much longer as “Want It All” is out now, and will be featured on Nova’s third album S.T.A.Y III due later this fall.

Listen to the song below:

Artwork of Nova’s new single “Want It All”


Apple Music:


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