By: Papa Minnow

The future is here. For decades scientists have attempted to create an easy to use contraception that could effectively be used for men. Options for men have been limited to a very invasive and almost permanent option via vasectomy, or a less pleasurable experience in the form of condoms.

However, researchers from the University of Minnesota are making history by developing a non-hormonal male contraception pill that has shown to be 99% effective in male rats. This is promising as it would not only offer an alternative to contraception, but it also appears to be a safer as this version is non-hormonal.

Historically, female birth control has had several side effects and issues associated with many users due to the disruption of hormones. Changes in period cycles, mood changes, weight gain, decreased libido and nausea to name a few.

If the male human trials set for Q3 and Q4 of this year go well, then we could likely see this new pill on the market for men sometime in 2023. Of course, with this recent news the internet has taken to it’s usual antics and delivered some of the best commentary and memes for us to enjoy.

Here’s a look at some of the best male birth control memes:

This is a wild position to ever be in as man, I need to know who took this photo.
The standard “she’s paying for this” pose.
Still can’t believe love made 21 Savage a slut…
The game done changed!
Of course babe!
“Lil daddy” is crazy LMAO!
The lies men about to get off >>>>
This lowkey almost the same photo cause LeBron don’t be getting past the first page ahaha.
Popping pills like candy rockets.
LMAO smh…
I do be forgetting sometimes…
New BBL just dropped.
RIP to the Maury Show!
This is sickkk LMAO!

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