By: Papa Minnow

The pandemic has taken a big toll on the music industry. Touring has been a major part of an artist’s income for years and with the large majority of stadiums being closed, artists have had to resort to other means to supplement their lifestyles.

A large majority have held off from releasing their major albums in anticipation for a re-opening in which they can tour alongside their projects. Other artists have resorted to delivering smaller projects, some have strictly focused on singles, and even more have decided to launch the deluxe versions of past albums in hopes of re-profiting.

Lockdown has also not been favourable for fans who often find themselves moving on from new songs faster than they did before in favour of past songs that hold precious memories. While our listening habits may be individualistic, a lot of our musical memories are formed through socialization with other people.

There’s no better feeling than listening to your favourite artist at ignorant levels, under the influence, with your best friends at a live concert. With vaccines rolling out, here’s to hoping we can experience this feeling soon.

And when we do, here’s seven songs released during the pandemic that need their time to shine.

GUNNA – Dollaz On My Head (Feat. Young Thug)

It’s very rare that a Gunna and Young Thug collaboration ever misses, and Dollaz On My Head is no exception. When Gunna catches a beat it’s game over.

This song is an absolute HIT, but unfortunately for the YSL artist, he dropped his album WUNNA at the height of the pandemic’s first wave and we couldn’t truly experience it the way we should have.

Pooh Shiesty – Back In Blood (Feat. Lil Durk)

I know, this track is already a smash and everyone’s heard it. Pooh Shiesty even got to perform it on Jimmy Fallon. But while some of our brothers down south have been able to experience the song in clubs and bars, the rest of the world hasn’t been as lucky. This song still deserves to be in every DJ set post-lockdown so we can belt out, “Pooh Shiesty that’s my dog, but Pooh you know I’m really shiesty!”

Chris Brown – Go Crazy (Feat. Young Thug)

Slime & B was one of the most underrated albums of 2020. The thought of Thugger and Breezy doing an album was definitely a weird one at first, but after hearing the album I’m surprised they hadn’t collaborated sooner.

Go Crazy has such an iconic sample that it was destined to be a smash. But like the album it’s on, it’s an underrated song that will do wonders when we’re outside.

Migos – Need It (Feat. NBA YoungBoy)

Another iconic sample, another hit. Need It definitely suffered from the lockdown as not too many people have even heard of this song, let alone been able to listen to it outside.

The chemistry between Migos and YoungBoy is a surprising one as this is their first collaboration, but it works and it makes this song flourish.

Usher – Bad Habits

While Usher has regained relevancy for his “Ushbucks” strip club antics, his lowkey hit Bad Habits didn’t catch on as well as it should have. This whole song is dedicated to not being able to stay with one woman. If that’s not reason enough for why this will go off, I don’t know what it is….

Juicy J – She Gon Pop It (Feat. Meg Thee Stallion & Ty Dolla $ign)

In case you were wondering Juicy J is still putting out music and it’s still real good. A party beat, coupled with a fire Meg verse, Ty$ on the hook, and Juicy has a smash on his hands.

21 Savage – Runnin’

It still blows my mind that 21 managed to get Morgan Freeman to narrate this album, but that aside, this song needs it’s just due outside.

Featured Image via: YouTube – Pooh Shiesty & Lil Durk Perform Back In Blood on Jimmy Fallon

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