By: Papa Minnow

Thousands of pro-Trump terrorists stormed Capitol Hill in Washington DC on Wednesday, creating chaos in protest of the Presidential election results. The Capitol went into lockdown as a result of the rioting and congress members had to be evacuated from the Senate floor. Vice President Mike Pence and others were escorted away from the violence.

Some rioters fought past police barricades while some were bafflingly let through.

Bullets were fired and one woman was unfortunately shot in the neck. Paramedics on scene rushed her to the hospital, but unfortunately she succumbed to injuries and has died.

Officers were also injured during the riot and one had to be rushed to hospital. His status is currently unknown at the time of writing this.

The riots resulted in nothing other than further violence and a display of where Trump and his supporters stand in terms of the government and the election. As always, Twitter took to the “streets” to voice their opinions on the historical day.

This may only be the beginning as there are still 14 days left until Biden’s Inauguration. Who knows what else is planned before Trump is forced to give up his position in the White House.

Featured Image via: Reuters

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