By: Papa Minnow

Isn’t it “funny” how a few looters define a movement, but a few “bad apples” don’t define the police?

Isn’t it “funny” how a few weeks ago protesters took to the streets to fight against staying at home and their right to get haircuts, but protesting against the state’s use of brutality is a problem?

Isn’t it “funny” how 4 years ago Colin Kaepernick took a knee to silently protest and was condemned, but today rioting isn’t the right way?

Isn’t it “funny” how capitalism and corporations have been exploiting and looting from people and countries for years, but a rebellion against a publicly traded company is vilified?

Isn’t it “funny” how Martin Luther King is propped up as a modern day hero and a saviour, but back in the Civil Rights era he was deemed an enemy of the state and assassinated for it?

Isn’t hypocrisy “funny”?


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