By: Papa Minnow

As the world continues to self-isolate in hopes of flattening the curve, governments have begun to provide monetary aid to their citizens. Some countries have gone so far as to offer $2000 checks over the course of the next few months as the uncertainty of regular life still looms large. 

The United States’ Trump administration has finally delivered their $1200 checks and in true Twitter fashion, the internet has produced a hilarity of memes. 

1) Real estate Twitter always knows how to get rich.

2) Flex on these brokees.

3) Someone’s getting evicted.

4) Life imitates art. – Dave Chappelle

5) Gifts and donations to the Hotep nation.

6) Classic Simpsons >

7) Stimulate the economy.

8) Millennials can finally afford housing.

9) Shrimps for the simps…

10) They gotta re-open schools for some of y’all.

11) When the check still ain’t hit

12) “Sign me up for this racism.”

13) This is not a meme…

Featured image via: USATODAY – Getty Images 

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