By: Papa Minnow

Today marks the one year anniversary of Nipsey Hussle’s untimely passing in front of his Marathon Clothing store on Crenshaw Boulevard. The news of his death was a terrible shock to the world.

Nipsey Hussle, real name Ermias Asghedom; was the ideal model of a rapper, entrepreneur, father, and man. He not only built his career through his own strength, but he provided opportunities for those around him and helped foster his community to new heights. 

The legacy of “Neighbourhood Nip” will live on forever through his contributions and the impact he left in our lives. On March 31st, 2019, humanity lost a real one in every sense of the word, and we commemorate this day in his honour.

Here are seven songs to bump to continue the marathon. 

I Don’t Stress [Slauson Boy 2]

Ever felt as if you had given everything you had but it just wasn’t enough? In these times, this track serves to give you that second gear that you need to press on. In true Nipsey fashion, he lays out line by line how he persevered through the trials of life. 

Notable: “I’m just special, this an ode to my innersection/And God bless and save my soul from this imperfection”

Don’t Take Days Off [Crenshaw]

Don’t Take Days Off sees Nipsey living out everything he dreamed through his hard work and dedication. An ephemeral beat with heavenly background vocals, aids in elevating that feeling of success. 

Notables: Equity nigga, what I’ve chosen of course/no 360’s, clothing and tour/When I do drop I’mma blow past niggas and I toe tag niggas like I told ’em before.”


Status Symbol 2 [Slauson Boy 2]

This is Nipsey’s best iteration of the Status Symbol series as he gets introspective on his surroundings and what he’s seeking to do in the game. Take in how the beat sounds like some shit you’d drive your Cadillac in outer space to.

Notable: Lion heart in my rib/And nigga it get dark in the den/Question is homie with the sharks can you swim?”

Blue Laces 2 [Victory Lap]

There’s nothing I can say to put this song into words. Just hit play.

Notable: “You tried to squeeze, your gun jammed and they released/Blood on your tee, how many stains? I see three.”

All Get Right [Crenshaw]

A chill track to just vibe and enjoy the moment to. All Get Right shows Nipsey enjoying the fruits of his labour with his squad backed by a soulful beat.

It’s fitting because J. Stone recently came home when he wrote his verse, and Nipsey’s brother Blacc Sam unfortunately went in before the video dropped. Thankfully, both eventually came out.

Notable: “Told them keep they advance, distribute and market my label/I own it all, I own it all, word in them offices is that I want it all.”

Clarity [Slauson Boy 2]

An absolute banger.

Notable: “Check out my perfect form/Straight out the eye of this perfect storm/I did my mine with a perfect score/Don’t waste time we just work some more.”


This was the first song that put me on to Nipsey Hussle. During the mixtape internet days leaks and loosies were rampant, and through some deep seeking you’d find a gem like this one where dudes from two different areas would collaborate on a song.

Notable: “Listen, look, before rap my last name was my lifestyle.”

The Marathon Continues..

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