By: Papa Minnow

The apocalypse is on us. COVID-19 aka the coronavirus, has been deemed a pandemic by the World Health Organization and has affected 126,000 across the globe with new cases being confirmed each day.

We as humans need to come together as one race and enjoy the little time we have…by laughing at the greatest coronavirus memes.

1. On God it’s probably worth it.

2. This is what it’s come down to…

3. Mans getting ready for them pearly gates

4. White women OJ…white women.

5. A server’s nightmare


7. Fellas, we gotta shoot while we have the chance

8. Teflon Don to a T.

9.  Bruh. Imagine coming back to this reality…

10. Imagine when future humans find our tweets.

11. Those sandwiches hit different.

12. The streets been saying black people are immune “?”


14. Somebody gotta slap Rudy.

15. The Raptors are still the champs

16. This video might be one of the longest running memes ever.

17. What we really wanted Chet Hanks to say in response to Tom Hanks catching corona.

18. HOW SWAY?!?!

19. Fam lmao.

20. Y’all have no chill

Featured Image via: MLG Highlights – YouTube

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