By: Papa Minnow

The new decade is off to a musical bang. As we enter the third month of the year, there’s some major releases that are set to make some noise.

Some fans have had to wait months for some of these releases and hopefully these artists are committed to deliver. With some heavy hitters on the list, March is on pace to be the 2020’s grand opening. Here’s who’s dropping this month:

The Weeknd
Album: After Hours 

Release: March 20th

It’s been two years since the Weeknd’s last artistic drop and fans have been eagerly awaiting his next project. Abel put the world on notice with the surprise release of his first single Heartless and continued to cook up anticipation with the pop smash Blinding Lights. It’s been a solid start to the year for the 30-year-old singer, who released the album title, title track, and tour dates for his 6th studio album.

Lil Uzi Vert
Album: Eternal Atake
Release: March 13th

After an “eternal” dispute with his label, a change in management, and an improved level of mental health; Lil Uzi Vert aka Orenji aka Baby Pluto, is finally ready to release his highly anticipated sophomore album: Eternal Atake. Fans are still somewhat skeptical as to whether Uzi will stick to his March date, but things are looking like a go. Uzi released his second single That Way sampling the Backstreet Boys hit, and took to Twitter to get fans to vote for his new album cover.

Release: March 13th

Originally scheduled to drop in 2019, and then again in February, PartyNextDoor is banking on “third time’s the charm” with his new March release date. The Toronto artist has been on quite the hiatus opting to work behind the scenes by writing for other artists than to put out his own music. Fans have been clamoring for Party’s next album since 2016. P3  was not critically acclaimed amongst the masses, and deemed the worst in the trilogy. Here’s to hoping PARTYMOBILE brings us the Party we all know and love. 

Meg Thee Stallion
Album: Suga
Release: March 6th

Meg Thee Stallion has had a rough start to March as she recently revealed that her label would not let her release music because she requested a restructuring to her current deal. Meg believes she’s not getting what she’s owed and caused a huge public stir with 1501. Despite the dispute, Meg has earned the green light to drop her album Suga which has raised some questions as to whether this was all a publicity stunt. Either way, fans can rejoice for a new project from the president of the Hot Girl Association. 

Jhene Aiko
Album: Chilombo
Release: March 6th

The Queen of vibes is back to claim her throne. Jhene Aiko has been relatively quiet in today’s music scene despite “grandmothering” today’s sound. Jhene has only released a few songs and features for her fans to vibe to. With her 32nd birthday right around the corner (March 16th), a strong release could be the best gift she gets.

21 Savage
Album: Savage Mode 2
Release: March 13th?

The details are still vague on this surprise drop from Savage, all we know is that it may drop on the 13th of March and it’s a joint album with Metro Boomin’ following his hit 2016 mixtape Savage Mode. Savage took to social media to tweet a double dagger emoji inciting excitement and speculation from fans. He has not released music since his single Immortal which was featured in Mortal Kombat 11. If the 13th is indeed the date, he will be up against some stiff competition.

Tory Lanez
Album: The New Toronto 3
Release: March (TBD)

Fresh off the release of Chixtape 5, Tory Lanez is back again with the third installment of his New Toronto series. The New Toronto 3 isn’t without it’s controversy as Lanez has been in a dispute with his label over what appears to be contract negotiations. This will be Lanez’s last album on Interscope records and hopefully that means he delivers one of his best. If there’s one thing that can be said about Lanez it’s that he is one of the hardest working artists in the industry. 

Jay Electronica
Album: ???
Release: March 13th?

You would be hard pressed to find an artist who had a debut on the level of Jay Electronica who took the Hip-Hop world by storm with his lyrically impeccable Exibit C track in 2009. Mr.Jay Elect-Ramadan-Muhammad as-salaam-alaikum-RasoulAllah-Subhanahu wa ta’ala became a legend overnight despite not having an album out and kept fans waiting in limbo for 10 years. After numerous rumours over the years will he finally give fans what they’ve been so desperately waiting for?

Fetty Wap
Album: Fetty Cash
Release: March (TBD)

Like many who’ve made this list, Fetty Wap is hoping to make a big comeback with his new album Fetty Cash. The road to stardom was fast tracked by several hits including his debut smash Trap Queen and his follow up 679. However, a long hiatus, a saturated melodic rap scene, and an untimely motorcycle accident left Fetty by the way side.

Sada Baby
Album: Skuba Sada 2
Release: March 20th

One of Detroit’s most dedicated artists is looking to continue his run with his unexpected release of Skuba Sada 2: a collection of YouTube and internet hits that were not previously available for streaming services until now. Sada Baby has been gaining momentum and building up quite the buzz with his last few releases and a plethora of new music weekly. He’s a versatile artist with a ton of potential to make a claim to fame in the game. 

Featured Image via: Eternal Atake (Short Film) – YouTube 

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