By: Papa Minnow

Shortly after releasing his second studio album, former Treway affiliate 6ix9ine was arrested on racketeering charges and is now facing over 40 years while being held in prison until his trial. Rumours have circulated that 6ix9ine, real name Daniel Hernandez, may cooperate with the police/prosecution in hopes of earning a lighter sentence or avoiding all charges.

Some have come to the defence of 6ix9ine in the midst of these rumours by stating that Tre Way has wronged him when it comes to his well being and they’ve made moves at his baby’s mother behind his back. However, there is also a case being made that the street code differs from regular civilian law, and once 6ix9ine became affiliated with Tre Way; their protection during his extracurricular internet antics was a fair trade for those violations.

It’s no secret that 6ix9ine attempted to distance himself from Tre Way prior to the release of his album DUMMY BOYAnd he confirms that sentiment throughout the album. However, the most notable song in relation to his distancing of the gang is on FEEFA (Feat. Gunna).

Was 6ix9ine pleading for help throughout the song?

GettyImages-1021309454 6ix9ine in court (Getty Images)

At the start of the first verse 6ix9ine opens up about the state of his relationship with Tre Way.

Gotta stay ready for the smoke, ’cause n—-s tryna take my soul, I can’t gooooo
Thought n—-s was my bros, but they changed though
N—-s don’t know shit ’bout that
How the f–k a n—a switch like that?

It’s apparent that he felt betrayed by his affiliates and was unaware of how the streets operate. His kidnapping in 2018 may have also been an inside job linked to some members of Tre Way, but that has not been confirmed.

He goes on to rap about how he needs to keep himself protected at all times before Gunna takes over to close out the verse.

6ix9ine-made-in-america 6ix9ine at Made In America (via WireImage)

Verse two gets even deeper when 6ix9ine describes what he’s been going through prior to his arrest.

I can’t sleep, just took ’em off 15
Had to break it down to three
Get on one knee
I prayed to the lord that he’d watch my family

He starts off by mentioning how his team needed to be cut down from 15 to three in response to the betrayal. At this point he knows his situation with Tre Way is in a mess so he turns to God to protect his family in he loses his life or ends up in jail.

The listener is more inclined to believe that 6ix9ine knows he’s headed for jail because his verse continues on with these bars:

Thinking this b—h gon’ wait on me
Thinking my fans remember me
Thinking my friends remember me
N—a, don’t switch up on me

At this point he hopes his girl will wait on him after doing his time and that his friends and fans will also still be there for him after his potential release. And even with all of his musical success, 6ix9ine closes out the song by showing his hurt and vulnerability in this situation.

B—h, I’m stressin’, oh, b—h, I’m stressin’
Mama sayin’, “Don’t cry, count your blessings”
I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep
I can’t….

6ix9ine gives the impression that he knew he was going to go down for his crimes well before his album was set to be released and while his persona appeared grand and exuberant, he was never built for the street life that he got himself into and must now pay the consequences.

Featured image Jefferson Siegel via Getty Images

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