By: Papa Minnow

Sunday night was filled with entertainment as the 91st showcase of the Oscars took place, but it was G.O.O.D Music’s resident rapper Kanye West; that took home the hype when label mate CyHi the Prynce tweeted a new video of “Mr. West” during his Sunday service sermon. Kanye has started to host Sunday sermons in 2019.

Since the post, the internet has been buzzin’ about the new sound that was displayed and how it appears that West has returned back to form.

West has taken a step back from the public’s eye and has been relatively quiet as of late. While his household has no doubt been a circus with recent reports, he appears to be fine and working on new music which may appear on his upcoming album YANDHI. 

A discovery from the clip is that the beat West snaps on is in fact a sample from gospel singer Fred Hammond’s version of This Is The Day. As seen in the video below, the melody and vocals at the end are identical to the ones in the West clip.

Of course, West’s musical genius takes the sample to another level, and let us all pray that Ye delivers for his next album.

Featured image via: Billboard (Jeff Kravitz/MTV)

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