By: Papa Minnow

Floridian rapper YNW Melly has garnered a lot of attention lately after being arrested on Wednesday with his friend YNW Bortlen and charged with two counts of murder. According to police, YNW Melly (real name Jamell Demons) and YNW Bortlen (real name Cortlen Henry) shot their friends and staged the incident as a drive-by shooting.

Since the revelation of the alleged incident, YNW Melly’s song Murder On My Mind has skyrocketed due to the similarities of its lyrics which eerily correlate to details of this incident despite the song being released a year prior. Further details on the case are still being investigated.

However, a Twitter user by the name of @NotChinks has revealed a theory that offers some insight on YNW Melly and his current legal situation. According to the user “YNW Melly is actually a bipolar schizophrenic and his other personality (Melvin) is the one who killed his friends.”

In the thread the user breaks down Melly’s disorder and offers interviews from Power 105.1, Genius, MONTREALITY, and more in which Melly reveals he has multiple personalities. Melly also has a song called Mixed Personalities featuring Kanye West.

Another user by the name of @queen_afroniqua also noted that in Melly’s interview for Mixed Personalities with Genius, Melly explains that he has control for 12 hours of the day and Melvin shares the other 12 at night. In an Instagram photo that Melly shared, he asks fans to guess which one is Melvin with one picture being taken during the day and the other at night.

Melly also posted “Free Melvin” for an earlier charge he was arrested for.

Check out the entire thread, on Twitter, below:

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  2. I totally agree, Melly has mentioned this multiple times yet no one seems to talk about it? If he has a violent 2nd personality it needs to get checked out and he should get help so he doesn’t hurt more people. I feel like everyone just seems to see it as a quirky thing or glosses over it, which is really weird.


  3. People with dissociative identity disorder which is what it’s called now don’t know what the other personalities do. They are all very distinctive and not just different versions of the same person. N the original host does not know they have the disorder. They just know they lose time and things are done they can’t explain. Other personalities typically have different hand writing, different voices, different genders, races, ages and levels of intelligence. What Melly is talking about is not clinical. I have a fun playful side and a moody side and a depressed side but they are all just me. They are moods. N Melly has never said he’s schizophrenic. Ppl love to throw around clinical diagnoses like they know what it means. Melly’s criminal history shows he’s violent period. That’s the truth. Just a thug with some hit songs. Ruined his own success when he could have had a better life.

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