By: Papa Minnow

Two days after the 10 year anniversary of So Far Gone, Drake decided to release the classic mixtape on all streaming platforms for his fans to enjoy. It’s an intuitive move by the 32-year-old artist who’s stardom is so astronomical that the project will likely end up number one on the Billboard charts next week.

However, don’t expect this move to be made by other artists in the foreseeable future. During the mixtape era, a lot of rappers sampled songs that didn’t get cleared in exchange for a lack of monetary gain. Mixtapes were essentially promotion for young artists.

As Drake has transitioned more into a pop artist in this age of streaming, there’s a whole generation of young kids who have no idea that So Far Gone was released 10 years ago. And can you blame them? Speaking for myself, I didn’t know Swag Surf wasn’t a New York posse track featuring Fabolous, Maino, Red Cafe, and Juelz Santana for at least 9 years after it came out.

Nevertheless, a quick Twitter search reveals the hilarity of the youth’s lack of knowledge.


Call me old, but this is how I feel:

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