By: Papa Minnow

J. Cole’s had his most prolific year in 2018. He released his acclaimed album KOD, and made several memorable guest verses on various high profile songs. It appears the 33-year-old rapper won’t be slowing down this year either, as he’s gearing up for one of the biggest releases Hip-Hop’s ever seen.

Last week the leader of Dreamville Records announced a 10-day recording session for the third installment of his label’s compilation album: Revenge of The Dreamers III.

Label artists Bas, Cozz, JID, EarthGang and J. Cole himself, will all make an appearance on the album. And like the Avengers, Cole has amassed more than 90 artists, creatives, executives, and producers to contribute to creation of this album in an undisclosed studio in Atlanta.

Some of the most notable invitees include T.I., Big K.R.I.T., Tay Keith, 6lack, Bink!, Isaiah Rashad, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Wale, Rick Ross, Vince Staples, Buddy, and Westside Gunn.

With such a studded list, here’s hoping these surprise guests also make an appearance on the album.

Kendrick Lamar

One of the most anticipated Hip-Hop projects has been the elusive Cole and Kendrick collaboration tape. The two have previously worked together on each other’s works (Cole producing Highpower, Kendrick doing the hook on Forbidden Fruit) and even teamed up for a Black Friday special which saw the two artists rap on the each other’s beat.

However, we’ve yet to see the two of them flex their lyrical muscle on the same song, and Revenge of The Dreamers III would provide an excellent opportunity for that to happen. Seeing as Isaiah Rashad got an invite, it wouldn’t be too far fetched to see Kendrick appear on the tape.

Also, could you imagine Kendrick tagging up with JID for a song? Or K dot and KRIT? Or even Kung-Fu Kenny on a Tay Keith beat? The possibilities are endless.


Speaking of Tay Keith, last year no one could best a Tay Keith produced beat like Drake could. The self proclaimed 6 god found his new wave and rode it to perfection. It’s possible we get a Drake feature on this tape, seeing that Drake posted a video of him and Cole in Rolls Royce two weeks ago, which may have been where a private invite occurred.

Meek Mill

Fresh off his best album yet, Meek has shown that he’s in good spirits and ready to prove more. With Meek’s new found wisdom and growth, it would be great to see him make an appearance on Revenge of The Dreamers III.

Not to mention, Meek’s label mates Ross and Wale are making appearances so it would only be fitting for him to make one as well. Plus, Meek’s a Dreamchaser…it’s a perfect fit.

Childish Gambino

As a resident Atlantan and one of the most talented artists in the game, Childish Gambino would be a great addition to Revenge of The Dreamers III. With his multifaceted abilities to sing, rap, produce, and play instruments there would be a number of ways he could contribute to the album besides just rapping on it.

He’s got an abstract style that would compliment a number of artists; such as EarthGang, Isaiah Rashad, and Wale.

Chance The Rapper

A couple of years ago, Chance and Cole had a record by the name of Thotty which came about via a snippet. Unfortunately, the song never came to fruition due to sample clearance issues. This compilation album would just provide a second chance (no pun intended) for the two to make another song together.


Fellow North Carolinian rapper Rapsody enlisted Cole on her album for one of his prolific features last year. From that, the two made Sojourner together and it made some noticeable waves. Here’s hoping that Cole returns the favour and has Rapsody make an appearance somewhere on ROTD3. I could see her as good fit with Bas and Cozz.

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