By: Papa Minnow

Last week, Hip-Hop was gifted a surprise when Tory Lanez took to his Instagram to challenge American rapper Joyner Lucas. To be clear, this head-to-head matchup was purely for the sport of rap as the two have declared to not have any issues with each other.

“Like I see blogs posting it’s a beef. This ain’t beef n—-, this is rap n—-,” said Joyner Lucas in a joint Instagram live video with Tory Lanez. Joyner was then asked by Tory if he could go at rapper J. Cole if the two were to go head-to-head in which Joyner replied,

“I’ve always been the n—- to openly admit when certain rappers are better than me,” which prompted Joyner to state that Tory Lanez could not compete with him bar-for-bar on a lyrical level.

Towards the end of the video Tory asks Joyner when he’d like to get bodied on a track which prompted the release of the Lucky You Freestyle. Originally the parameters set were for the two to hop on the same beats and showcase who could rap better. However, upon release those rules were slightly shifted.

Following that criteria, Litty was the only song in which both artists rapped on and threw jabs at each other. Of the entire back and forth who do you think won?

Personally, I give it to Tory Lanez off the strength of his delivery, flows, and creativity.



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