By: Papa Minnow

Toronto is home to many gifted upcoming artists with diverse sounds. And in the wake of the city’s current rising climate of music there’s not one talent as dynamic as Eadie. September 19th marked the release of the 23-year old’s latest single Pick Up The Phone, a song that was inspired by Amy Winehouse’s Tears Dry On Their Own. The late great Winehouse is not only an inspiration to Eadie, but a major influence that is embodied in her vocals and sonic style.

“Live instruments are special to me,” she wrote to me. “They capture emotions that in music that I don’t feel with digital/replicated sounds. I wanted to create a song that was relatable to young women today, but that had a old school vibe to it.”

From the press of play,  those live instruments immediately engross the listener into a groovy bop before Eadie croons the verse to a climactic chorus. Not only does it sound great, but there’s a lot of lyrical depth in the song that’s pulled from Eadie’s past endeavours.

“The song itself, came from my own experiences and behaviour,” she explains. “I wrote the song for all the girls like me, that have ever been in a situation with a significant other where they’re constantly being ignored, dismissed and lied to. A situation that is just as sweet as it is sour…The song is meant to capture that moment.”

Despite those trying situations Pick Up The Phone’s artistry imparts a message of growth as a result of those culminating trials and there’s a lot of strength to be found in it.

“It’s about not being silent, [and] not being easy to ignore. The cover art for this song was meant to convey the image of seeming ‘soft and sweet’ while still having a voice (a loud one). Just because you’re kind and cute, [it] doesn’t mean you can’t buck up when the time comes. It’s one big ridiculous conflict within yourself.”

Pick Up The Phone is now available on all streaming platforms and it’s only a taste of what Eadie has in store for listeners in fall of 2018. You can indulge in the alluring vibes in the link below, and be sure to give Eadie a follow as she’s set to drop an EP soon.

Listen: Pick Up The Phone

Follow: Eadie’s IG page 

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