Jameel3DN’s latest project, Empty Room, delivers a message of perseverance by overcoming any adversity in order to reach your goals. For a young artist, the maturity of themes and story telling are relatable and there’s various messages that can be pulled from the lyrical content by anyone from any walk of life.

The EP is heard through a developed sound that shines from its robust vocals, crisp delivery, powerful production, complimentary features, and versatile flows. It’s a testament to Jameel’s character as an artist and creative.

Empty Room was written when I first moved into my new place. It was empty, I didn’t have anything but a single bed and my computer. I wanted to create something that was the sound track to my current life and where I wanted to be.” 

That journey is what the listener goes through as Empty Room starts off with dreaming big, and then working towards that vision before finally seeing the light.

The Toronto native will continue to shine and for more on what he’s up to be sure to follow him here.

Enjoy the project below:

Big Dreams

“Took a couple shots forgot to hit the rebound. Plans are like plants, don’t forget to sow the seed now…”

Yea Yea

“I done lived through hell like I paid for sin. I don’t ever drink stay away from Gin, that’s demon in arabic, did that raise your skin?” 

Rules of The Game

“Just enjoy life cause ya can’t predict ya death, cause life is a b**** that death gonna have to fetch…”


“Shit gets real when you stay up in the trench, they tried to sub me but I’ve never seen a bench…”

See Da Light

“Ghetto kids learn to block away dey tears, can’t be weak cause being weak another fear.
So we cold ain’t no peace living here, turn the cheek naw, they bustin’ heat at the mirror…”

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