Second Nature’s Kiss & Tell event at The Libertine, hosted an all female lineup that brought a variety of musical talents to the stage.

Two DJ’s and six other female artists graced Libertine’s intimate platform, and displayed a unique style to go along with a strong stage presence that moved the crowd.

“Guys go off ego,” Jay, the host of the event explains to me after the show has wrapped up. “Even if they can’t really rap, they’ll still think they’re good enough to do it. Girls won’t perform unless they’re good.”

That’s the energy that was on display Thursday night.


Tasha was first to set the tone as she opened up with her rendition of Love on the Brain. Her range was seemingly limitless as she hit multiple high notes throughout her showing, while doing the song justice.

She trailed that up with her song: How I Feel: a cool mellow vibe that sounds like the theme for a Sunday stroll on a sunny day. As she exited, she received quite the applause before gracefully stepping off the stage.


One of the most confident artists to perform that night was Naseha. She stepped on stage and rang off with a cover of Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black. Despite some technical difficulties with feedback, she never shied away from showing her skills as she followed up with her own version of the Weeknd’s What You Need.

Both songs were done justice before she decided to move into her own catalogue.

“Have you ever been in a wack relationship and wondered what the two of you were doing?”

That was the motive behind her song Am I Wrong, in which someone did her wrong and had her caught up in her feelings. It was performed acoustically so there wasn’t much of a beat, but the lyrical content was succinct and emotional.

Her final song, Glitter In Time, a smooth soul song, was inspired by one of her all time favourite movies: Bladerunner and it’s set to get a video soon.


The shortest artist to perform, but one of the loudest personalities.

Terina did not shy away from letting the crowd know what was up when she hit the stage:

“I’m kinda high right now.”

Her transparency brought a level of authenticity to her performance, that level of truth just made her feel down to earth.

Terina opted to start off her set with her own track titled Rewind, in which she croons about a euphoric experience she shared and how she’s stuck reminiscing.

She later sang a couple of covers like Ginuwine’s Pony, and came down off stage with a song called Don’t Look Back.


A very decorated artist with the energy to match, Shanaaz’s presence on stage speaks volumes. Not only does she have musical talent, but she adds a level showmanship in her performance with her wavy dance moves. At one point she even busted out a milly rock.

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Her music is very grown for a seemingly young artist. She performed two songs, one titled Your Eyes; a song with a very nostalgic R&B vibe to it, and Somehow; which touches on the topic of yearning to be in a good relationship after being stuck in a bad one.

There’s a very Toronto sound to all of her songs which will no doubt translate well as her artistry grows to shine brighter.


Broken hand and all, Eadie took to the stage with a mature and calming presence. She introduced her keyboard player AJ, and opened up with a cover of Black & Gold.

Her spirited vocals as she performed her song Pick Up The Phone, rang through an ever roaring crowd. Through her lyrics she communicates the situation of being ignored by a significant other.

“Pick up the phone are you testing me?” she tones on the hook as her vocals resonate.

Her entire set felt calm and calculated as she controlled her musical rhythm throughout. Eadie’s newest EP is set to drop in the fall which will be exciting to check out when it finally arrives.


Y’all can cancel the In My Feelings challenge because I done found the real Kiki.

The last time I saw Kiana perform was at StayOutLate’s showcase at The Hideout where I was impressed by her talents and wanted to hear more. Kiana continued to impress on my second viewing of her performance at Libertine, and on this occasion she brought along her latest untitled song

Her stage time started off with Fools, a song that has a message rooted in being free and chasing dreams.

She followed that up with the first song she ever wrote, With or Without You, before going into her soon to be released song. As she continues to evolve her music does too, and her untitled song is already sounding like one of her best to date.

Kiana says she’s taking her time with it, and that level of care definitely showed even at the early stage in her song making. The official release will be a hit.

To end the show, the crowd roared “Energy!” which sparked Kiana to leave us all with her popular single Energy.






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