By: Josephine Cruz

Toronto, ON – Harp is a name you might not be familiar with yet, and rightfully so as the emerging talent has only released a few tracks up until now. However, it’s time to get accustomed with him, as the Hamilton-born and Toronto-based artist is ready to introduce himself to the world. As of June 1st, 2018, he released the first single from his forthcoming debut project.

All Alone explores a subject that many of us can identify with: the search for a meaningful love and the disconnectedness that can happen between two people who are working through the complex dynamics of a budding relationship.

“The lyrics are reflective of those times when you just aren’t on the same page as the other person,” Harp shares of the track, and drives home the feeling of conflict with bars such as “You kinda hot, I’m kind cold / I am not somebody that you wanna know” and “You ain’t never held my hand / so why you bet it all on me?


Lyrically, the track is Harp’s most developed and defined work yet, and he’s been working on incorporating different cadence and flows into his songs. The track was produced by kRAO, a Bay Area producer who Harp actually first connected with over Reddit.

All Alone is the first single from Harp’s upcoming EP, Aura, which will release summer of 2018. Aura will mark Harp’s official debut, and is made up of songs he made over the last year and a half. For now you can take in All Alone which is available to stream on platforms listed in link below:



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