By: Papa Minnow

Dear Raptors,

YOU GUYS ARE REAL! I know as fans we can be some of the most irrational, illogical, and insecure people no matter if you guys win or lose. But after all the heartbreak we’ve endured as a city, I can officially say I believe in y’all.

The way you guys ran up on Houston from the jump was artistry in motion. Y’all pushed the pace during fast breaks and executed the offence to perfection by moving the ball and hitting shots.

JV even got some touches and he exploited matchups in the paint. Also, can we all take in how underrated Valanciunas’ ability to pass out of the paint is? His passing has improved tremendously which has done wonders for the offence.

Lowry was on one too. Lights out and unconscious from deep. You started off the game with some big threes to augment the lead and finished 7-of-9 (77 percent) from the arc to go along with your 30 point night.

But that wasn’t the only thing that impressed me last night. The defence was jaw-clenchingly-stifling. You guys attacked Houston’s offence and stayed aggressive in all pursuits on that end, props to Dwane Casey and his staff.

VanVleet locking down CP play emotionally gripped my soul…

You guys limited Houston to just 16 points in the first and 9/27 from three on the night, which is especially noteworthy because Houston averages 42.1 attempts per game, so last night’s scheme got them out of their zone.

The second half was where the game heated up. Houston was never out of this game simply because of their offensive prowess. They started making some shots and we all know 3 > 2 so it didn’t surprise me that they made a run and got back in the game.

It also seemed like Harden got the most quiet 40 point game in NBA history.

But you guys kept pace and didn’t crumble under the pressure. There’s nothing more I can say about the Bench Mob that hasn’t already been said. They continue to impress, and helped keep the game in check. Come playoff time there’s no reason they should not get some burn as a unit.

You guys got timely stops and made clutch shots down the stretch. There’s something so gratifying about having a big like Valanciunas that can hit free throws in the clutch.

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It was an impressive victory and an important one, because you guys ended Houston’s 17-game win streak, something Drake predicted/put in his call to the Illuminati, and put the NBA on notice.

I love y’all.



To: Norm,

Don’t know where your game went because it’s sad to see you struggle after being saving grace to the team’s success the past few seasons. It seems mental because your open shots aren’t falling, but on the bright side, your defence hasn’t left you. Hope you come back soon.

To: Drake,

Never chill on the sideline, Look Alive is a hit, and I hope your new album is the one.

To: the Bench Mob,

Aye man, I feel like I keep telling you guys how good you are and you guys never fail to disappoint. Stay gold and don’t ever change.

To: Dwane, 

You deserve to be recognized for your contributions to this team. I doubted that you could change the culture in a year and make us better, but here we are. #COY



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