By: Papa Minnow

Black history month was great to Drake. The 31-year-old artist released the video to his hit record “God’s Plan”, which showcased him distributing close to 1 million dollars to some locals in Miami Florida. As a result, the song became the second song in history to be streamed over 100 million tines.

As Drake’s rise in popularity continues to grow, there’s a generation of fans who may not know some of his best pieces of work from his past. So, here’s six (great) Drake songs you may not have heard.

Get Over It

When Drake gets to rapping everyone’s in for a good listen. This is one of my all time favourite Drake songs and for good reason. The way he got on his flow and effortlessly spits bar after bar is something to marvel. My only distaste was how he lied about “Thank Me Later coming soon” at the end which wasn’t the case when he first released this, but I guess I’ll just “get over it” now.

Quotable: I keep it generic and these n****s take it personally
If I was in a room and someone yelled, “Hey b*****s!”
I would never turn around cause I just don’t fit the description

Killer (Feat. Nipsey Hussle)

With the release of Nipsey Hussle’s new album, Victory Lap, it’s only fitting that I give you his classic track where he teamed up with Drake.

Quotable: Look I let the beat bang I don’t claim colors
Honestly the honesty is why the game love us
My women either centerfolds or on the main covers
Stunt so hard I make these n****s hate summer

You Know, You Know

Man, Kanye made this futuristic, out of this world, hypnotic beat and somehow Drake refused to let it fly on Thank Me Later…But there goes Drake again, bodying the beat as he raps with a nonchalant flow; but yet, still gets aggressive with his delivery before he closes the song with some classy bars. Another all time favourite.

Quotable: Why has every woman never dined here before?
Am I the only 23 year old wine connoisseur?

Take You Down Freestyle

One of Chris Brown’s most notable tracks on his way to stardom was Take You Down. So a young Drake decided to flex his vocal chords on it and do his own remix which actually holds up well. Funny enough, a few weeks ago Chris Brown remixed Drake’s song “Closer” and flourished.

Quotable: Bust that p**** open, then i tell her bring it back
Make sure you don’t fall in love
Cause i don’t have the time for that
Only thing i chase is money, if you tell me where it’s at

I Get Lonely

The ultimate “I’m in my feelings” song to get you through any heartbreak. Drake’s vocal range was never the greatest, but “I Get Lonely” was where he stayed in his pocket and got the perfect mix of lyrics, beat, and melody.

Quotable: Don’t wanna come on strong
‘Cause too many people wanna get me
But you know I do what I gotta do
Just like you, I get lonely too

Heat Of The Moment

Drake captured the essence of the hookup era through his lyrics and delivery on this one. “Heat of The Moment” came out at a time when social media really started to bloom and everyone was in this phase of trying to figure themselves out; which was the scenario he delivered on this ballad.

Quotable: Cause these days I only know conditional love
I’m not used to settlin’ down
I’m too used to switchin’ it up, oh

And she says, “you don’t how good it is to be you cause you’re him”
And I say “well, goddamn”

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