I don’t know why this was ever a discussion, but it’s 2018 and people still think that pineapple does not belong on pizza…peasants. And they should be shunned as such for their blasphemy.

On Monday, snowboarding phenom Chloe Kim, secured the bag gold with back-to-back 1080s becoming the first woman to do so in the snowboarding half-pipe event. It was a heartfelt moment for 17 year old Kim who’s parents immigrated from South Korea to the United States in 1982.

After winning gold she was asked how she would celebrate her victory. And guess what she said?

So, Chloe Kim likes pineapple on pizza,

Chloe Kim wins gold,

We can therefore conclude that pineapple on pizza = gold medals. Which shouldn’t surprise anyone because pineapple and gold share the same colour.


Now, I’m not advocating for pineapple as a solo topping. While it can be done, I’d personally advise against it because taking your pizza to that level is weird.

However, pineapple as a secondary topping is a decision that takes your pizza to the next level. What we now know as biblical commandment, is that pineapple belongs in the pizza echelon.

Move over Wheaties, Hawaiian pizza is the food of champions.

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